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Finding Balance - 2022

Before Thanksgiving we traveled to Aruba for a family wedding. It’s challenging getting the five of us together, let alone my extended family, but we did. Thank you, Ali and George!

My sister-in-law commented on how she often admired large groups while on vacation and felt a special pleasure finally being among one. We did too. When Trescher and Kaden were throwing a football on the beach a woman nearby referred to them as friends. I felt warm inside when I said they were cousins.

The morning of the wedding a number of us went snorkeling off the coast of the California Lighthouse where a German freighter from WWII was bedded in the sand. Sea sponges and coral formations now call its surface home. We floated with our masked faces in the water, our flippers moving ever so slightly while bright blue fish swam between us. The constant chatter of a family who spends too little time together was silenced. Rays of sunlight filtered below the water while we spoke with hand motions to each other and offered soundless applause for Trescher, Kaden and Bill when they swam down to touch the ship. Back on board a trapeze swing tempted several to try flips into the water. Toward the end of the excursion, when we should have been reapplying sunscreen, we ate deliciously greasy food, danced to silly songs and laughed, the unique way a family can.

That evening a beautiful ceremony and reception took place as the sun set on Eagle Beach and everyone danced in the sand. For a handful of days work and school took a break. That doesn’t happen very often. Emma still memorized lines and Lauren kept up with recorded lectures, but the primary focus was being together.

Now, back in Connecticut, work, school and sports are in full swing for Rip and Trescher. In New York, Emma is rehearsing for her first off-Broadway play, and in California, Lauren is a semester away from graduation. Everyone is back in the chaotic swim of things, which at times is exciting and challenging. Although, sometimes being suspended in quiet is appealing too. Balance is always the answer. Balance, with bright blue fish.

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