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A Year in Reflection - 2017

We always heard (from older people) how fast the years go by with growing kids. Are we the older people now? They also said, “little children, little problems”, holy cow were they right.

We’re actually quite blessed with children who are wonderful, spirited, challenging, exhausting and all around quite normal for their ages. But seriously, who knew they would grow so fast? Yes, yes, they told us, but we smiled and nodded politely thinking we’d be different, we’d make it all last. Well, we tried, but here we are, a spring and summer spent touring colleges and now knee deep in applications and Musical Theatre auditions for Emma.

Several of our spring and fall weekends were water side, (no not at the beach) but watching Sprint and Head races for Lauren in her rowing program. When the sun is shining, it’s really quite delightful with amazing food and great company. Luckily the food and company remain even when it’s raining sideways and freezing.

When not on the water, in the mountains or touring various cities, (seven regattas and 12 colleges – but who’s counting) we were able to squeeze in a couple basketball, lacrosse and flag football games for Trescher, who humors us long enough on the field to work up enough bonus points for computer time.

The balance of the year was spent managing a drive way project (thank you neighbors for your patience) and Rip running for Fairfield’s RTM. Luckily, we were finally able pull out a victory, as hard as it was, on the driveway. That’s it for the win column. Although, what’s important, (we think) we have no more crumbling asphalt, and we tried to be part of the solution in lieu of incessantly complaining about our dysfunctional government. We’ve now gone back to complaining, but with a better sense of our local community and how we can help, from the ground up.

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